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Webcast Auction of Complete Tool and Die Shop, SWI Trak CNC Mills and Lathes, Stamping Presses to 200 Ton, Grinders, Mills, Lathes, Drill, Saws, Tooling Accessories, and Support Equipment - Additions from Shop in Columbus, Ohio


The Modern Die Systems Industrial Auction Featured: Trak DPMV5 CNC Bed Type Vertical Mill (Control 2017), (4) SWI Trak DPM CNC Bed Type Vertical Mills (Controls 2017), Trak TRL-1840CSS CNC Flat Bed Lathe, Trak TRL-1745P CNC Flat Bed Lathe, 150 Ton Bliss Model SG2-150-60-30 Gap Frame Press, 100 Ton Henry and Wright Up-Acting Press, Feed Equipment, Coil Stock, Bolster Plates, Dies, Surface Grinders by Okamoto, KO Lee and Others to 12” x 24”, Boyar Profile Grinder, Moore Jig Grinder, B&S O.D. Grinder w/ Precise ID Spindle, Large Quantity Grinding Accessories, (2) Schindler Toolroom Furnaces (Late Model), WMW Heckert Universal Horizontal Mill, Lathes, Hone, Presses, Drills, Saws, Welders, Machine Accessories, Tooling, Kurt Vises, 5-Ton x 20' x 40' Free-Standing Crane System, Clark Model GCX-30 LP Gas Lift Truck, 2004 GMC Cab Over Flat Bed, CMM, Inspection Tools, Die Repair Equipment, Shop Equipment, Carts, Tools, Racks, Hoppers, Scrap Opportunity, Dies, Material, Parts and Related.  The Auction was Attended by 292 Bidders from 34 States, Canada, Mexico, and Peru.  The Bidding was Spirited, and all Concerned were Happy with the Sales Results.

Auction Highlights

Lot # 179

Moore Model G18 Jig Grinder


Lot # 182

8” x 20” Brown & Sharpe OD Grinder w/ Precise 10 Spindle


Lot # 217

SWI Trak Model DPM5V CNC Bed Type Vertical Mill


Lot # 241

150-Ton Bliss Model SG2-150-60-30 Gap Frame Press


Lot # 302

5-Ton x 25’ Wide x 52’ Long (Approx.) Over Rail Bridge Crane System


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