Past Clients

CIA conducts about 60 auctions nationwide annually, and has for the past 20 years. These auctions have been conducted on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, lending institutions, government agencies, federal and local courts. Below is a partial listing of auctions that we have conducted over the past several years.


Auction Name Location Date Auction Type
XPO Logistics  Denver, Colorado 1/5/2017 Distribution Center 
Continental Motors, Inc. San Antonio, Texas 1/10/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Deep South Machine Lafayette, Louisiana  1/12/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Multi Packaging Solutions  Louisville, Kentucky 1/13/2017 Printing & Bindery
Heritage Glass, LLC Kingsport, Tennessee 1/18/2017 Glass Manufacturing 
Global Fabrication, Inc. Dubois, Pennsylvania  1/25/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Brookshire's Bakery Tyler, Texas 1/25/2017 Food & Chemical Processing
Fruit of the Loom Vidalia, Louisiana  2/8/2017 Distribution Center 
Huntington Ingalls Industries Avondale, Louisiana 2/8/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Busch Precision, Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2/28/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Shreve Printing, LLC Shreve, Ohio 4/25/2022 Printing & Bindery
Imperial Plastics Mankato, Minnesota 3/8/2017 Plastic Molding
The Limited New Albany, Ohio 3/16/2017 Distribution Center 
World Wide Lines Covington, Tennessee 3/17/2017 Printing & Bindery
Mentor Leasing Painesville, Ohio  3/21/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Gwalls, Inc. White House, Tennessee 3/28/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Baity's Precision Machining Arden, North Carolina 3/30/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Pentzer Printing Columbus, Indiana  4/4/2017 Printing & Bindery
C&H Distributors Reno, Nevada 4/5/2017 Distribution Center 
New Avenues to Independence Cleveland, Ohio 4/11/2017 Plastic Recycling 
American Lawnmower Shelbyville, Indiana  4/20/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Lozier Corporation  Fort Worth, Texas 5/3/2017 Woodworking
United Methodist Publishing  Nashville, Tennessee 5/4/2017 Printing & Bindery
Tambe Metal Products Victor, New York 5/9/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Manitowoc Cranes, LLC Manitowoc, Wisconsin 5/18/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Off Lease Lift Trucks  Fairfield, Ohio & Utica, MI 5/23/2017 Rigger & Forklifts
Innovative Industrial Services El Paso, Illinois 6/1/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Crown Audio Elkhart, Indiana  6/6/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Terra Green Energy, LLC Port Allegany, Pennsylvania 6/8/2017 Plastic Recycling 
American Elastomer Products Houston, Texas 6/13/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
World Wide Lines Real Estate Covington, Tennessee 6/13/2017 Real Estate
Accommodation Holdings, LLC Wellsburg, West Virginia 6/22/2017 Construction & Trucks
Home Depot Cabinet Plant  Charles City, Virginia 6/26/2017 Woodworking
Whole Foods Southern Mfg. Roswell, Georgia 6/28/2017 Food & Chemical Processing
Accommodation Holdings, LLC  Milliken Colorado 6/29/2017 Construction & Trucks
Plastic Appliance Parts, Mfg. Kentland, Indiana  7/20/2017 Plastic Molding
Petsmart Distribution Center  Groveport, Ohio 7/25/2017 Distribution Center 
Ohio-Tec Manufacturing, Inc. Springfield, Ohio 7/27/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Kuka Robotix Sterling Heights, Michigan  7/28/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Perfect Score Bedford Heights, Ohio 8/1/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Vectron International  Cincinnati, Ohio  8/10/2017 Electronic Assembly 
Longwood Mfg. Corp. Kennett Square, PA 8/17/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
General Dynamics   Shelby Township, Michigan 8/22/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Weatherford International Woodward, Oklahoma 8/29/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Dixie Dew Products, Inc. Erlanger, Kentucky 9/7/2017 Food & Chemical Processing
Mideast Tool & Mfg. Salem, Ohio  9/12/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Timex Group USA, Inc. North Little Rock, Arkansas 9/13/2017 Distribution Center 
Central Pattern  Hazelwood, Missouri 9/20/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Industrial Machinery Co. Columbus, Ohio  4/19/2018 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Parrot Press, Inc. Fort Wayne, Indiana  10/12/2017 Printing & Bindery
Hubbell Lighting, Inc. Bristol, Pennsylvania  10/18/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Cybex International Medway, Massachusetts 10/25/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Material Handling Dealer Westfield, Indiana  10/26/2017 Distribution Center 
MSE Technology Applications Butte, Montana  11/2/2017 Food & Chemical Processing
Imperial Laundry Services Racine, Wisconsin  11/15/2017 Commercial Laundry
Off Lease Lift Trucks Fairfield, Ohio   11/16/2017 Rigger & Forklifts
Griffin Signs, Inc. Cinnaminson, New Jersey 11/21/2017 Construction & Trucks
Rubber Technology  Indiana & Tennessee 11/21/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Kentube Engineered Products Tulsa, Oklahoma 12/5/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Hydratech Industries Robertsdale, Alabama  12/7/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Retail Logistics, LLC Wayne, New Jersey 12/8/2017 Distribution Center 
Kanawha Electric Co. Charleston, West Virginia  12/12/2017 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Vance & Hines Performance Brownsburg, Indiana  12/12/2017 Fabricating & Welding
Allison Conveyor  Allison, Pennsylvania 12/19/2017 Fabricating & Welding
BIC Graphics St. Petersburg, Florida  12/20/2017 Plastic Molding


Auction Name Location Date Auction Type
Multi Packaging Solutions Melrose Park, Illinois 1/6/2016 Printing & Bindery
Continental Motors San Antonio, Texas 1/13/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Western Reserve Metals Masury, Ohio 1/14/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Milford Printers Real Estate Milford, Ohio  1/18/2016 Automatic Screw Machines
B&S Manufacturing Sterling Heights, Michigan  1/20/2016 Food & Chemical Processing
H2O Plus Personal Care  Chicago, Illinois 1/20/2016 Food & Chemical Processing
Dilworth Machine Leetonia, Ohio  1/26/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Action Demolition Dallas, North Carolina  1/28/2016 Construction & Trucks
Former Auto Dealership Harrison Township, Ohio  2/8/2016 Real Estate
Three B Manufacturing North Royalton, Ohio  2/10/2016 Automatic Screw Machines
31 Gifts Springfield, Ohio 2/24/2016 Distribution Center
Off Lease and Surplus Forklifts Fairfield, Ohio  2/26/2016 Rigger & Forklifts
H20 Plus Personal Care  Chicago, Illinois 3/10/2016 Food & Chemical Processing
D&S Machine Products Aurora, Indiana  3/17/2016 Automatic Screw Machines
Peerless Mfg. Company Denton, Texas 3/24/2016 Fabricating & Welding
A&H sportswear Hamilton, Ohio  3/30/2016 Textile Cut & Sew
Hagel Metal Fabrication East Peoria, Illinois  4/6/2016 Fabricating & Welding
The G&G Manufacturing Co. Cincinnati, Ohio  4/6/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Multi Packaging Solutions Centennial, Colorado  4/7/2016 Printing & Bindery
Dallas-Morris Drilling, Inc.  Bradford, Pennsylvania 4/12/2016 Construction & Trucks
Dallas-Morris Drilling, Inc. Indiana, Pennsylvania 4/13/2016 Construction & Trucks
IDG Corp. West Chester, Ohio 4/15/2016 Distribution Center
Ohio Camshaft Twinsburg, Ohio  4/20/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Cain Lithographers Jackson, Mississippi 4/28/2016 Printing & Bindery
Huntington Ingalls Ind. Avondale, Louisiana 5/4/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Urban Outfitters Trenton, South Carolina  5/5/2016 Distribution Center
Gertrude Recycling  South Bend, Indiana 5/12/2016 Construction & Trucks
Randy's Metal Recycling Eau Clair, Michigan  5/12/2016 Construction & Trucks
Royston, LLC Jackson, Tennessee 5/16/2016 Woodworking
Fabridigm, Inc. Hamilton, Ohio  5/17/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Real Estate Casrod, LLC Batavia, Ohio  5/23/2016 Real Estate
Cates Sheet Metal  Lenexa, Kansas 5/24/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Western Newspaper  Indianapolis, Indiana  6/1/2016 Printing & Bindery
Silverack Moberly, Missouri 6/9/2016 Fabricating & Welding
SYX Distribution, Inc. Jefferson, Georgia 6/15/2016 Distribution Center
American Power Services, Inc. Erlander, Kentucky 6/21/2016 Construction & Trucks
Nicholas Machine, LLC New Carlisle, Indiana  6/28/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Automated Direct Mail Murray, Kentucky 6/26/2016 Printing & Bindery
Synalloy Bristol, Tennessee 7/7/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Prism Manufacturing Group West Bend, Wisconsin 7/12/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Propheteer International, LLC Lake Zurich, Illinois 7/13/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Crossroads Industrial Service Indianapolis, Indiana  7/19/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Howden Alphair Ventilating  Winnipeg, MB Canada 7/21/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Off Lease Surplus Lift Trucks Fairfield, Ohio  7/22/2016 Rigger & Forklifts
Hoover North Canton, Ohio  7/27/2016 Distribution Center
NyloBoard, LLC Covington, Georgia 7/27/2016 Woodworking
Defiance Metal Products Oshkosh, Wisconsin 8/3/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Bloomington-Normal Seating  Normal, Illinois 8/11/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Quality Heating and Air  St. Louis, Missouri 8/11/2016 Fabricating & Welding
General Industries Charleroi, Pennsylvania 8/16/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Aesys Technologies York, Pennsylvania 8/17/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Oxlean Manufacturing, LLC Walker, Louisiana  8/23/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Recycling Bank of Gwinnett Duluth, Georgia 8/31/2016 Plastic Recycling
TAESL Aerospace  Fort Worth, Texas 8/31/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Hydratech Industries  Robertsdale, Alabama  9/8/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Signature Offset Las Cruces, New Mexico 9/22/2016 Printing & Bindery
SentrySafe Rochester, New York 9/28/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Whirlpool Fort Smith, Arkansas 9/29/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Advantage Precision Products Summersville, West Virginia 10/6/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Intl. Technical Coating Phoenix, Arizona 10/11/2016 Fabricating & Welding
InSync Lighting Innovation Casey, Illinois 10/20/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Off Lease Surplus Lift Trucks Fairfield, Ohio  10/28/2016 Rigger & Forklifts
Hall Contracting Services, Inc. Youngstown, Ohio  11/2/2016 Rigger & Forklifts
Northeast Fabricators, LLC Youngstown, Ohio  11/2/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Former Assets of RG Steel Martin's Ferry, Ohio  11/3/2016 Fabricating & Welding
LSI Lighting Solutions New Windsor, New York 11/10/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Zelenka Farms Hulbert, Oklahoma  11/10/2016 Construction & Trucks
Camtech Somerset, Kentucky 11/11/2016 Fabricating & Welding
Camar Construction Company Tuscaloosa, Alabama 11/15/2016 Construction & Trucks
Centaur PVC Ft. Pierce, Florida 11/16/2016 Plastic Extrusion
Ridge Engineering, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio  11/29/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Allied Erecting and Dismantling Co. Youngstown, Ohio  12/1/2016 Construction & Trucks
FYM, LLC Chambersburg, PA 12/6/2016 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Battenfeld Cincinnati McPherson, Kansas 12/8/2016 Plastic Extrusion
Forever 21 Mount Joy, Pennsylvania  12/8/2016 Distribution Center
Bigelow Components Springfield, New Jersey 12/13/2016 Fastener Mfg. & Wire Fab
Surplus Lift Trucks Fairfield, Ohio  12/21/2016 Rigger & Forklifts


Auction Name Location Date Auction Type
B&B Tool and Molding, Inc. Muncie, Indiana 1/20/2015 Plastic Molding
Ajax Integrated, LLC. Woodward, Oklahoma 1/21/2015 Construction & Trucks
Multi Packaging Solutions Fairfield, New Jersey 1/22/2015 Printing & Bindery
Ajax Integrated, LLC. East Syracuse, New York 1/24/2015 Construction & Trucks
Abeco Die Casting Lewisburg, Tennessee 1/29/2015 Die Casting
Johnson Plate and Tower Canutillo, Texas 2/5/2015 Fabricating & Welding
Armin Industries South Elgin, Illinois 2/12/2015 Plastic Molding
ALX Material Handling  Canton, Michigan 2/24/2015 Robotic Welding
Sears Holding Corp. Columbus, Ohio 2/24/2015 Distribution Center
Talma Fastener Talma, Indiana 2/26/2015 Fastener Mfg. & Wire Fab
GO! Hospitality Service Lawrenceville, Georgia 3/3/2015 Commercial Laundry
Spellacy Corp. Columbus, Ohio 3/24/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Holt Sublimation  Burlington, North Carolina 4/8/2015 Printing & Bindery
Hess O'Gara Fairfield, Ohio 4/15/2015 Material Handling
Restless Noggin Mfg. LLC North Canton, Ohio 4/29/2015 Fabrication & Welding
Hands On, Inc. Dayton, Ohio 5/6/2015 Printing & Bindery
Wellman Container Corp. Cincinnati, Ohio 5/7/2015 Printing & Bindery
L3 Electrodynamics, Inc. Rolling Meadows, Illinois 5/13/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Eco-Tech Plastics, LLC Burlington, Wisconsin 5/28/2015 Plastic Extrusion
New Breed Logistics, Inc. Bolingbrook, Illinois 6/2/2015 Distribution Center
New Breed Logistics, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia 6/3/2015 Distribution Center
US Foods Fairfield, Ohio 6/9/2015 Material Handling
Legacy Supply Chain Services New Castle, Delaware 6/11/2015 Distribution Center
Magnetics East Butler, Pennsylvania 6/11/2015 Food & Chemical Processing
South Jersey Paving Cliffwood Beach, NJ 6/17/2015 Construction & Trucks
Petsmart Gahanna, Ohio 6/18/2015 Distribution Center
BMT Tank Albuquerque, New Mexico 6/24/2015 Fabricating & Welding
Commercial Tooling, Inc. Excelsior Springs, Missouri 7/8/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Wilson Wire Products, Inc. Fitzgerald, Georgia 7/14/2015 Fastener Mfg. & Wire Fab
Campbell Hausfeld Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 7/28/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Milford Printers Milford, Ohio 7/30/2015 Printing & Bindery
EMR, Inc. W. Columbia, SC 8/12/2015 Stamping
Oz Gas, Ltd. Tidioute, Pennsylvania 8/13/2015 Construction & Trucks
Jabezco Bells, Tennessee 8/25/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Jester Hudson, New York 9/2/2015 Fastener Mfg. & Wire Fab
Advanced Color Graphics State College, Pennsylvania 9/15/2015 Printing & Bindery
Trio Precisioneering Eastlake, Ohio 9/23/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Hydraulic Technologies Galion, Ohio 9/30/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Sony DADC Mexico 9/30/2015 Distribution Center
BAE Systems Santa Clara, California 9/30/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Apex Tool Group Garland, Texas 10/1/2015 Fastener Mfg. & Wire Fab
Morris Precision N. Liberty, Indiana 10/7/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Thunderbolt Mfg. Wichita, Kansas 10/14/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Connell Co. Fairfield, Ohio 10/20/2015 Material Handling
Ace Manufacturing Cincinnati, Ohio 10/22/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
KK Motorcyle Supply Dayton, Ohio 10/27/2015 Motorcycle Dealer
Pierce Munitions, LLC Buffalo, New York 10/27/2015 Ammunitions Mfg.
OTS of New Jersey Jackson, New Jersey 10/28/2015 Construction & Trucks
Man Lift Mfg., Co. Cudahy, Wisconsin 11/4/2015 Fabricating & Welding
Mentor Equipment Mentor, Ohio 11/5/2015 Construction & Trucks
Polyvulc USA, Inc. Vicksburg, Mississippi 11/10/2015 Plastic Extrusion
Display Industries Norcross, Georgia 11/17/2015 Plastic Injection
BAE Systems Jessup, Pennsylvania 12/2/2015 Cut & Sew
Baldor Electric Richmond Hts., Ohio 12/2/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Donaldson Grinnell, Iowa 12/7/2015 Stamping & Fabricating
Fontana Automotive Brownsburg, Indiana 12/8/2015 Race Car Shop
Peerless Mfg. Co. Wichita Falls, Texas 12/10/2015 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Mike Delucio & Sons Richmond, Indiana 12/11/2015 Construction & Trucks
Asian American Logistics Wabash, Indiana 12/17/2015 Rigger & Contractor


Auction Name Location Date  Auction Type
Prime Plastics, Inc. Washington, Pennsylvania 1/22/2014 Plastic Molding
Azek Canada Toronto, Ontario Canada 1/30/2014 Plastic Extrusion
Asian American Logistics Wabash, Indiana 2/11/2014 Rigging & Contracting
TEI Thermal Engineering Sapulpa, Oklahoma 2/13/2014 Fabricating & Welding
Multipackaging Solutions Terre Haute, Indiana 2/18/2014 Printing & Bindery
Howden North American Canton, Michigan 2/20/2014 Fabricating & Welding
DMP Oshkosh, Wisconsin 3/5/2014 Fabricating & Welding
Republic Direct Tempe, Arizona 3/12/2014 Printing & Bindery
National Defense Corp. Gaffney, South Carolina 3/13/2014 Stamping & Fabricating
Russell Equipment Warren, Michigan 3/20/2014 Material Handling
Woods Quality Cabinetry Eight-Four, Pennsylvania 3/20/2014 Woodworking
CMW, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana 3/26/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
H.C. Starck Euclid, Ohio 3/4/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Grocery Distribution Center Fletcher, North Carolina 4/8/2014 Distribution Center
Powell Steel Corporation Lancaster, Pennsylvania 4/16/2014 Structural Fabricating
Royston, LLC Prince Frederick, Maryland 4/23/2014 Woodworking
Dynaco Corp. Tempe, Arizona 4/24/2014 Semiconductor
Postal Systems, Inc. Hayward, California 5/20/2014 Printing & Bindery
Liberty Sheet Metal Mt. Orab, Ohio 5/21/2014 Fabricating & Welding
JB & Co. Roofing Tiffin, Ohio 5/29/2014 Construction & Trucks
Manufacturers Service, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio 6/5/2014 Stamping
American LaFrance Charleston, South Carolina 6/11/2014 Fabricating & Welding
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Marietta, Ohio 6/12/2014 Fabricating & Welding
Cypress Pharmaceuticals Madison, Mississippi 6/17/2014 Distribution Center
Dixie Southern Springdale, Arkansas 6/19/2014 Fabricating & Welding
LE Light Engineering, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana 6/24/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Arvato Digital Services, LLC Duncan, South Carolina 6/25/2014 Distribution Center
HDA, Inc. Hazelwood, Missouri 6/26/2014 Distribution Center
PCI, Inc. Wurtland, Kentucky 6/26/2014 Food & Chemical Processing
Excel Tool, Inc. Falls Mills, Virginia 7/8/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Maritech Windows Carrollton, Texas 7/10/2014 Window Mfg.
General Electric Company Houston, Texas 7/15/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Luxottica Fairfield, Ohio 7/16/2014 Material Handling
SuperValue Mechanicsville, Virgina 7/22/2014 Material Handling
Tri City Machine Works Phenix City, Alabama 8/13/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Surgical Bandage Mfg. Stateville, North Carolina 8/18/2014 Plastic Molding
J&L Farm Butcher Shop Medway, Ohio 8/20/2014 Food & Chemical Processing
General Dynamics Ladson, South Carolina 8/26/2014 Fabricating & Welding
Weiman Products Ashland City, Tennessee 9/9/2014 Food & Chemical Processing
E.B. Miller Contracting Cincinnati, Ohio 9/16/2014 Construction & Trucks
Armaclad Windows Chicago, Illinois 9/18/2014 Window Mfg.
BAE Systems Sealy, Texas 10/1/2014 Fabricating & Welding
Connell Equipment Fairfield, Ohio 10/8/2014 Material Handling
Sabre Tubular Structures Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 10/14/2014 Structural Fabricating
Sanderson Plumbing Columbus, Mississippi 10/15/2014 Plastic Molding
Himin Industrial Services Chicago, Illinois 10/16/2014 Printing & Bindery
Howden North America New Philadelphia, Ohio 10/21/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Todd Industries Walton Hill, Ohio 10/28/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Bainbridge Grinding Cleveland, Ohio 11/4/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Federal Screw Romulus, Michigan 11/6/2014 Fastener Mfg. & Wire Fab
Mid-Atlantic Mfg. & Hydraulics Rural Retreat, Virginia 11/12/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
East Tech Company Chattanooga, Tennessee 11/18/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Robert Bosch Tool Corp. Watseka, Illinois 11/18/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Bay City Shovels, Inc. Au Gres, Michigan 11/30/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Paul Aerospace Fort Meyers, Florida 12/3/2014 CNC Machining & Toolroom
United Graphics Louisville, Kentucky 12/3/2014 Printing & Bindery
United Graphics Cincinnati, Ohio 12/4/2014 Printing & Bindery
CMC Steel Hope, Arkansas 12/9/2014 Structural Fabricating
Multi Packaging Solutions Evansville, Indiana 12/11/2014 Printing & Bindery
Connell Equipment Fairfield, Ohio 12/17/2014 Material Handling


Auction Name Location Date  Auction Type
Walsh Landscape Bolingbrook, Illinois 1/17/2013 Construction & Trucks
Tech-Wood USA LLC Greenwood, South Carolina 1/22/2013 Plastic Extrusion 
L&H Tool & Die Company Newport, Kentucky  1/24/2013 Stamping & Toolroom
Ave Maria Press Notre Dame, Indiana 1/31/2013 Printing & Bindery
Performance Bindery, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland 2/6/2013 Printing & Bindery
H&H Molded Products Solon, Ohio 2/13/2013 Plastic Molding
Wire to Wire Loveland, Ohio 2/18/2013 Construction & Trucks
Diversapack, LLC Marengo, Illinois  2/26/2013 Plastic Extrusion 
Former Assets of RG Steel Warren, Ohio 3/12/2013 Steel Mill
Former Assets of RG Steel Warren, Ohio 3/13/2013 Steel Mill
Former Assets of RG Steel Warren, Ohio 3/14/2013 Steel Mill
Former Assets of RG Steel Warren, Ohio 3/15/2013 Steel Mill
Premium Glass Products Granville, Ohio 3/14/2013 Window Mfg.
Acuity Brands Lighting Cochran, Georgia 3/19/2013 Stamping & Fabricating
Racon, Inc. Tuscaloosa, Alabama 3/20/2013 Construction & Trucks
Racon, Inc. Tuscaloosa, Alabama 3/21/2013 Construction & Trucks
Multi Packaging Solutions Louisville, Kentucky 3/26/2013 Printing & Bindery
Solon Industrial Grinding Streetsboro, Ohio 3/5/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
U.S. Tool & Engineering Lansing, Michigan 4/16/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Penn Refrigeration Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania 4/18/2013 Fabricating & Welding
S.C. Burgess Millwright Leesburg, Ohio 4/24/2013 Rigging & Contracting
Kardex Productions Lewistown, Pennsylvania 4/25/2013 Powder Coating
Delux Industries  Evansville, Indiana 5/8/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Cannon Equipment Co. Rosemont, Minnesota 5/15/2013 Stamping & Fabricating
Maysteel LLC Creedmoor, North Carolina 5/22/2013 Fabricating & Welding
Evangel Press Nappanee, Indiana  5/30/2013 Printing & Bindery
Carmel Pro Printers Carmel, Indiana 6/5/2013 Printing & Bindery
Champion Photochemistry Rochester, New York 6/5/2013 Food & Chemical Processing
Apex Precision Tech. Camby, Indiana 6/7/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Domi Racer Cincinnati, Ohio 6/11/2013 Motorcycle Parts
Caley Corporation Neenah, Wisconsin 6/19/2013 Printing & Bindery
BAE Systems Fairfield, Ohio 6/25/2013 Fabricating & Welding
Hy-Matic Mfg. Kendallville, Indiana 7/10/2013 CNC & Automatic Machining
BlueScope Buildings Laurinburg, North Carolina 7/25/2013 Fabricating & Welding
General Electric Mebane, North Carolina 7/31/2013 Fabricating & Welding
General Electric Salisbury, North Carolina 7/31/2013 Fabricating & Welding
General Electric  Houston, Texas 8/1/2103 Fabricating & Welding
Acuff International Memphis, Tennessee 8/7/2013 Rigging & Contracting
Central Waste, Inc. Alliance, Ohio 8/13/2013 Construction & Trucks
Pines Technology Westlake, Ohio 8/14/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Former Cincinnati Enquirer Cincinnati, Ohio 8/20/2013 Printing & Bindery
Greystone Bindery Dallas, Texas 8/22/2013 Printing & Bindery
Surplus Fabricating Machinery Fairfield, Ohio 8/27/2013 Fabricating & Welding
Dayton Legal Bank Dayton, Ohio 9/18/2013 Printing & Bindery
Lafarge Midwest, Inc. Fredonia, Kansas 9/25/2013 Cement Production
Mosbro Machine & Tool, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio 10/2/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Ridge Machine Works Cincinnati, Ohio 10/8/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Sony DADC Carrollton, Georgia 10/9/2013 Distribution Center
Surplus to Plastics Facility Dayton, Ohio 10/9/2013 Plastic Molding
MI Windows Smyrna, Tennessee 10/15/2013 Window Mfg.
Milwaukee Boiler  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 10/23/2013 Fabricating & Welding
Metal Mall Cincinnati, Ohio 10/24/2013 Fabricating & Welding
PD Printing Batesville, Arkansas 10/29/2013 Printing & Bindery
Major Texas Cold Heading Haltom City, Texas 11/14/2013 Fastener Mfg. & Wire Fab
Superior Fabrications Baldwin, Louisiana 11/14/2013 Fabricating & Welding
Plastival Terrebonne, Quebec 11/19/2013 Plastic Extrusion 
Triumph Packaging Thomaston, Georgia 11/20/2013 Printing & Bindery
Cesco Powell, Ohio  11/26/2013 Construction & Trucks
Quick Print Facility Akron, Ohio 11/26/2013 Printing & Bindery
Buckeye Automatic, Inc. McArthur, Ohio 12/1/2013 Automatic Screw Machine
Metalex Manufacturing, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio 12/1/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Steel Dynamics, LLC Marietta, Ohio 12/1/2013 Structural Fabricating
USA Sheet Metal Dayton, Ohio 12/3/2013 Fabricating & Welding
Casey Tool & Machine Co. Casey, Illinois 12/4/2013 Stamping, Fab & Plastics
Continental Polymer Corp. Leominster, Massachusetts 12/5/2013 Plastic Extrusion 
CNC Toolroom Machinery Grayslake, Illinois 12/12/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Tiger-Sul Irricana, Alabama 12/17/2013 Food & Chemical Processing
Bridgestone Americas Akron, Ohio 12/18/2013 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Connell Co. Fairfield, Ohio 12/19/2013 Material Handling


Auction Name Location Date  Type of Equipment
Angstrom Precision Metals Mentor, Ohio 1/11/2012 Automatic Machining
Major Crane Rental Delaware, Ohio 1/14/2012 Construction & Trucks
Fusite Metal Products Cincinnati, Ohio 1/19/2012 Stamping & Fabricating
MAACO Powell Powell, Ohio  1/24/2012 Painting
Major Crane Rental  Winter Garden, Florida 1/28/2012 Construction & Trucks
Structural Dimensions Boaz, Alabama 1/31/2012 Structural Fabricating
Molding Resources Florence, Kentucky 2/7/2012 Plastic Molding
Exterior Profiles Macon, Mississippi 3/8/2012 Plastic Extrusion
DEB Corporation Trussville, Alabama 3/15/2012 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Air-Tite Home Products West Chester, Ohio 3/20/2012 Window Mfg. & Wood
Performance Steel  Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3/27/2012 Structural Fabricating
Kingsbury Corporation Keene, New Hampshire 4/12/2012 CNC Machining & Toolroom
D.P.S. Electric, Inc. Erlanger, Kentucky 4/17/2012 Construction Equipment
Toshiba America Lebanon, Tennessee 4/24/2012 Test & Distribution Center
Aonvoy Industries Jacksonville, Texas 5/17/2012 Plastic Molding
American Air Duct Charleroi, Pennsylvania 5/22/2012 Fabricating
Faulkner Construction Louisville, Kentucky 5/21/2012 Construction Equipment
Artistic Tile & Marble Springdale, Arkansas 6/13/2012 Marble Fabricating
Kimberly Manufacturing Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 6/14/2012 Plastic Molding
Trainor Glass Company New Buffalo, Michigan 6/14/2012 Glass Fabricating
CSC MTESC Atlanta, Georgia 6/19/2012 Distribution Center
CSC MTESC Carrolton, Texas 6/21/2012 Distribution Center
Murray Zimmer Marysville, Michigan 6/26/2012 Sheet Metal Fabricating
MC Technology Erlanger, Kentucky 7/10/2012 Chemical Processing
St. Clair Machine Repair Cleveland, Ohio 7/11/2012 Machining & Toolroom
Contract Steel Sales Staley, North Carolina 7/24/2012 Structural Fabricating
BAE Systems Sealy, Texas 7/31/2012 Fabricating
Janus International  Temple, Georgia 8/14/2012 Fabricating
Hamilton Fixture Company Hamilton, Ohio 8/21/2012 Woodworking
PCI Solutions Indianapolis, Indiana 8/28/2012 Printing & Bindery
Metal roofing Manufacturer Follansbee, West Virginia 9/6/2012 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Atlas Industrial Contractors Columbus, Ohio 9/12/2012 Structural Fabricating
Hanover Signs, Inc. Columbus, Ohio 9/13/2012 Sheet Metal Fabricating
King Industrial Corporation Seymour, Indiana 9/19/2012 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Color Q Miamisburg, Ohio 9/25/2012 Printing & Bindery
Cannon Equipment Company Chattanooga, Tennessee 10/16/2012 Stamping & Fabricating
C. Miller & Sons Fort Wayne, Indiana 10/24/2012 Fabricating
William's Steel Company Greensboro, North Carolina 10/30/2012 Structural Fabricating
J&B Steel Erectors Hamilton, Ohio 11/8/2012 Construction Equipment
BAE Systems Jefferson City, Tennessee 11/13/2012 Cut & Sew
BAE Systems Phoenix, Arizona 11/13/2012 Cut & Sew
Row Metals Toledo, Ohio 11/20/2012 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Hall Contracting Services Avon Lake, Ohio 11/28/2012 Rigging & Contracting
Sharon Stairs, Inc Akron, Ohio 11/29/2012 Sheet Metal Fabricating
MI Windows & Doors Salisbury, North Carolina 12/4/2012 Window Manufacturing
Tana Corporation Toledo, Ohio 12/11/2012 Stamping & Fabricating
Konstant Products Quincy, Illinois 12/13/2012 Stamping & Fabricating


Auction Name Location Date  Type of Equipment
Bay Welding & Fabrication Williamsburg 1/11/2011 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Major Glass Bottle Mfg. Muncie, Indiana 1/25/2011 Electrical Parts Inventory
Elite Fire Apparatus Tilede, Wisconsin 2/1/2011 Sheet Metal Fabricating
UFE El Paso, Texas 2/9/2011 Plastic Molding
Int. Brand Services Day 1 (3) Kentucky Locations 2/16/2011 Food
Int. Brand Services Day 2 (3) Kentucky Locations 2/17/2011 Food
Alliance Carolina Arden, North Carolina 3/17/2011 Machining & Plastic
Excel Storage Products Brookings, South Dakota 3/22/2011 Stamping & Fabricating
Husqvarna  Beatrice, Nebraska 3/23/2011 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Excel Storage Products Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 3/29/2011 Stamping & Fabricating
Excel Storage Products Cadiz, Ohio 3/31/2011 Stamping & Fabricating
Herff Jones Replogle Globes Chicago, Illinois 4/6/2011 Plastic Molding
Trispan Corp. Lowellville, Ohio 4/12/2011 Construction & Trucks 
Allentown Metal Works Allentown, Pennsylvania 4/14/2011 Machining  & Fabricating
Symmons Frozen Foods Centralia, Washington 4/20/2011 Food & Chemical Processing
Carstone Seating Somerset, Kentucky 5/3/2011 Stamping & Fabricating
Roomful Express  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 5/3/2011 Distribution Center
Major Screen Printing Louisville, Kentucky 5/12/2011 Screen Printing
AP Productions, LLC Odessa, Missouri 5/19/2011 Plastic Molding
Regency Marble Cincinnati, Ohio 5/24/2011 Marble Fabricating
Forsyth Industries, Inc. East Aurora, New York 6/2/2011 Stamping & Fabricating
KanBuild, Inc. Osage City, Kansas 6/7/2011 Home Manufacturer
Valco Rentals & Equipment Canton, Ohio 6/10/2011 Construction & Trucks 
Crane Rental & Heavy Haul Tampa, Florida 6/15/2011 Construction & Trucks 
Lexington Plastic Molding Lexington, Kentucky 6/16/2011 Plastic Molding
Crane Rental & Heavy Haul Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 6/17/2011 Construction & Trucks 
Comfort Mechanical Services Urbana, Illinois 6/21/2011 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Crane Rental & Heavy Haul Magnolia, Texas 6/21/2011 Construction & Trucks 
Erie Industries Ferndale, Michigan 6/23/2011 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Contract Steel Sales Bunter, North Carolina 6/28/2011 Structural Fabricating
Stainless Steel Fabricating Columbus, Wisconsin 6/28/2011 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Conveyor Systems Mfg. Hebron, Kentucky 7/7/2011 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Biederman Mfg.  Raleigh, North Carolina 7/20/2011 CNC & Automatic Machining
Biederman Mfg. Westminster, SC 7/21/2011 CNC & Automatic Machining
Crider Stilmore, Georgia 7/21/2011 Food & Chemical Processing
Precision Power Coating Canton, Ohio 7/27/2011 Powder Coating
Allentown Metal Works Allentown, Pennsylvania 8/1/2011 Heavy Machining
Faxon Machining Cincinnati, Ohio 8/11/2011 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Defiance Metal Products Grand Prairie, Texas 8/16/2011 Stamping & Fabricating
Northstar Aerospace Anderson, Indiana 8/18/2011 CNC Machining & Gear
Martin Machine Springfield, Tennessee 8/25/2011 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Masco-Mills Pride Seaman, Ohio 9/8/2011 Compression Molding
Fortner Graphics Nevada, Missouri 9/13/2011 CNC Machining & Toolroom
All-Clad Metalcrafters Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 9/15/2011 Compression Molding
Inshield Die & Stamping Toledo, Ohio 9/21/2011 Stamping & Fabricating
Tinney Wire Products Oakdale, Pennsylvania 9/27/2011 Wire Fabricating
Cleo Memphis, Tennessee 9/28/2011 Printing & Bindery
Fox Metal Huntingburg, Indiana 10/4/2011 Rollforming & Stamping
Ingersoll Fasteners Ingersoll, Ontario 10/12/2011 Cold Heading 
Apex Tool Group Monroe, North Carolina 11/3/2011 Forging
LT Enterprises Fairfield, Ohio 11/9/2011 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Bradrock Industries Des Plaines, Illinois 11/16/2011 Plastic Molding
Custom Fabricators Nashville, Tennessee 11/17/2011 Marble Fabricating
Mark Miller Trucking Lafayette, Indiana 11/22/2011 Construction & Trucks 
Rupp Forge Company Cleveland, Ohio 11/30/2011 Forging
Conex International Beaumont, Texas 12/1/2011 Construction & Trucks 
Conex International  Beaumont, Texas 12/1/2011 Construction & Trucks 
Anderson Tool & Eng. Anderson, Indiana 12/6/2011 CNC Machining & Toolroom
The Artglo Company Columbus, Ohio 12/7/2011 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Pace American Ent. Fitzgerald, Georgia 12/13/2011 Inventory & Fabricating
Pace American Ent. McGregor, Texas 12/15/2011 Inventory & Fabricating
Pace American Ent. Hurricane, Utah 12/20/2011 Inventory & Fabricating
Pace American Ent. Lebanon, Oregon 12/22/2011 Inventory & Fabricating


Auction Name Location Date  Type of Equipment
Dolly Toy Company Tipp City, Ohio 1/7/2010 Distribution Center
Lo-Temp Brazing Toledo, Ohio 1/12/2010 Heat Treat
Wire Forming Co. Deshler, Ohio 1/13/2010 Wire Fabricating & Stamping
Serco Inc.  Warrendale, Pennsylvania 2/2/2010 Distribution Center
Formtech Enterprises Stow, Ohio  2/3/2010 Plastic Extrusion
Pitney Bowes  Kansas City, Kansas 2/3/2010 Distribution Center
Pitney Bowes  St. Louis, Missouri 3/3/2010 Distribution Center
Danco St. Louis, Missouri 3/4/2010 Automatic Machining
Norwood Sash & Door Cincinnati, Ohio 3/9/2010 Wood Truss Mfg.
Reed Parker Dundee, Illinois  3/16/2010 Printing & Bindery
Phoenix Formations Cincinnati, Ohio 3/18/2010 Woodworking
Pitney Bowes  Aurora, Colorado 3/23/2010 Distribution Center
Roper Brothers  Petersburg, Virginia 3/24/2010 Wood Truss Mfg.
Roper Brothers  Fredericksburg, Virginia 3/25/2010 Wood Truss Mfg.
D&D Specialties Union, South Carolina 3/30/2010 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Eskco Dayton, Ohio 4/7/2010 Printing & Bindery
Glass Packaging Mfg. Waxahachie, Texas 4/7/2010 Processing
Scherervile Steel  Schererville, Indiana 4/13/2010 Structural Fabricating
GE Oil & Gas Easton, Pennsylvania 4/14/2010 CNC Machining 
Carius Tool  Cleveland, Ohio 4/20/2010 Stamping & Toolroom
Traco Johnson City, Tennessee 4/27/2010 Window Mfg.
Alpha Packaging Cincinnati, Ohio 5/12/2010 Printing & Bindery
King Tool & Mfg. Youngstown, Ohio 5/25/2010 Machining & Toolroom
Crowe Mfg. Dayton, Ohio 6/3/2010 CNC Machining 
CSC MTESC Memphis, Tennessee 6/8/2010 Distribution Center
CSC MTESC Jeffersonville, Ohio 6/10/2010 Distribution Center
Diamond Machine & Mfg. Delphos, Ohio 6/15/2010 Stamping & Fabricating
Tomasco Mulciber Columbus, Ohio 6/15/2010 Stamping & Fabricating
CR & R Cincinnati, Ohio 6/17/2010 Construction & Trucks
Opera Hebron, Kentucky 6/24/2010 Printing & Bindery
Complete Metal Works  Cincinnati, Ohio 6/29/2010 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Complete Metal Works  Monroe, Ohio 6/29/2010 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Designed Metal Products Mansfield, Ohio 7/21/2010 Stamping & Fabricating
Designed Automation Arkadelphia, Arkansas 7/27/2010 Structural Fabricating
Dream Diners  Cincinnati, Ohio 8/2/2010 Food
Hi-Tech Mold & Tool Louisville, Kentucky 8/19/2010 Plastic Molding
EPV Solar Yardville, New Jersey 8/25/2010 Solar Panel Mfg.
Conway Clutch  Cincinnati, Ohio 9/1/2010 Automatic Machining
Metalex Mfg. Cincinnati, Ohio 9/1/2010 CNC Machining 
CBS Music City  Nashville, Tennessee 9/14/2010 Printing & Bindery
Sanders Brothers Sumpter, South Carolina 9/14/2010 Rigging & Contracting
Sanders Brothers Spartanburg, South Carolina 9/15/2010 Rigging & Contracting
Sanders Brothers Gaffney, South Carolina 9/15/2010 Rigging & Contracting
Timmerman Truss Greenville, Ohio 9/21/2010 Wood Truss Mfg.
RPC Holdings Cincinnati, Ohio 9/28/2010 Construction & Trucks
Hart & Cooley Winters, Texas 9/30/2010 Sheet Metal Fabricating
American Trim Lima, Ohio 10/5/2010 Stamping & Toolroom
Toshiba  Lebanon, Tennessee 10/13/2010 Distribution Center
Douglas Machine Works East Dundee, Illinois 10/19/2010 CNC Machining 
BAE Systems  Fairfield, Ohio 10/28/2010 Fabricating 
New Breed Logistics Kearny, New Jersey 11/3/2010 Distribution Center
RPM Rigging Jonesboro, Arkansas 11/17/2010 Rigging & Contracting
Faurecia Seating Walton, Kentucky 11/23/2010 Distribution Center
G&S Manufacturing Springfield, Ohio 11/30/2010 Automatic Machining
Carver Coating  Cincinnati, Ohio 12/2/2010 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Laurentide Hanahan, South Carolina 12/7/2010 CNC Machining & Fabricating
Lackner Signs Cincinnati, Ohio 12/10/2010 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Washex Day 1 Wichita Falls, Texas 12/15/2010 Machining & Fabricating
Washex Day 2 Wichita Falls, Texas 12/16/2010 Machining & Fabricating
Innatech Detroit, Michigan 12/21/2010 CNC Machining & Toolroom


Auction Name Location Date  Type of Equipment
Benchmark Fabricators Spencerville, Ohio 1/13/2009 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Rexam Healthcare  Rossville, Georgia 1/15/2009 Plastic Molding
Art's Transportation Chicago, Illinois 1/27/2009 Trucks
Prestolite Wire Tifton, Georgia 2/3/2009 Distribution Center
Progressive Equipment Simpsonville, South Carolina 2/12/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
TSS Automotive Cincinnati, Ohio 2/17/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
J.A.S. Graphics Indianapolis, Indiana 2/24/2009 Printing & Bindery
Specialty Machine Decatur, Alabama 3/3/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Trostel Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 3/12/2009 Stamping & Fabricating
NuAir Manufacturing Tampa, Florida 3/17/2009 Window Manufacturing
Freddie's Plastics Plant City, Florida 3/18/2009 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Creative Shapes  Cincinnati, Ohio 3/24/2009 Woodworking 
Miller Brothers Excavating Tipp City, Ohio 3/27/2009 Construction & Trucks
RJ Industries Frankfort, Kentucky 4/14/2009 Plastic Molding
S&Z Metalworks Cleveland, Ohio 4/16/2009 Stamping & Fabricating
White Rodgers Batesville, Arkansas 4/21/2009 Automatic Machining
DriveSol Worldwide Kendallville, Indiana 5/5/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Armrel-Byrnes Middletown, Ohio 5/8/2009 Construction & Trucks
Casey Tool Casey, Illinois 5/12/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Rogers Wade Paris, Texas 5/19/2009 Woodworking 
Highway Metals  Berea, Ohio 5/28/2009 Stamping & Fabricating
Syndeo Athens, Alabama 6/2/2009 Plastic Extrusion
Display Services Shelbyville, Tennessee 6/3/2009 Wire Fabricating
Hytec Precision San Jose, California 6/9/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Greenwaters Enterprises Dallas, Georgia 6/16/2009 Construction & Trucks
Mid South Tool  Hartselle, Alabama 6/18/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Mutual Tool  Dayton, Ohio 6/24/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Neyer Construction Cincinnati, Ohio 6/30/2009 Construction & Trucks
Freudenberg Scottsburg, Indiana 7/14/2009 Plastic Molding
ITW CIP Waterbury, Connecticut 7/14/2009 Cold Heading
Cambridge Tool & Die Cambridge, Ohio 7/21/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
MW Monroe Plastics Monroe, Ohio 7/28/2009 Plastic Molding
The Plastic Lumber Akron, Ohio 7/30/2009 Plastic Extrusion
Ritters Frozen Custard West Chester, Ohio 8/4/2009 Food
Ideal Products Beacon Falls, Connecticut 8/6/2009 Cold Heading
Tyler Refrigeration Niles, Michigan 8/18/2009 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Duke Energy  Terre Haute, Indiana 8/19/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Northpointe Hebron, Kentucky 9/10/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
American LaFrance Sanford, Florida 9/15/2009 Sheet Metal Fabricating
NKY Electric Service California, Kentucky 9/22/2009 Construction & Trucks
Irwin Industrial Tool  DeWitt, Nebraska 9/29/2009 Forging
Precision Products of TN Springfield, Tennessee 10/14/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Lear Corporation Zanesville, Ohio 10/20/2009 Automatic Machining
Crane Merchandising Bridgeton, Missouri 10/22/2009 Sheet Metal Fabricating
MC Mold & Machine Tallmadge, Ohio 10/22/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
General Extrusions Youngstown, Ohio 10/27/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Tri-M Block & Supply Wooster, Ohio 11/4/2009 Block Manufacturer
Beresford Box Spartanburg, South Carolina 11/12/2009 Printing & Bindery
Master Industries Day 1 Piqua, Ohio 11/17/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Master Industries Day 2 Ansonia, Ohio 11/18/2009 Plastic Molding
SBE Trucking Bloomingville, Ohio 11/24/2009 Construction & Trucks
Metalcraft of Mayville Greensboro, North Carolina 12/1/2009 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Rhino Rooms Killbuck, Ohio 12/1/2009 Woodworking 
Echo Windows Red Oak, Iowa 12/8/2009 Window Manufacturing
AST Sales Walton, Kentucky 12/10/2009 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Wright Roller  Riverdale, Illinois 12/15/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom
J&L Technology Columbia, Missouri 12/17/2009 CNC Machining & Toolroom


Auction Name Location Date  Type of Equipment
United Container Machinery Glen Arm, Maryland 1/30/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Mid Bus Manufacturing Bluffton, Ohio 2/7/2008 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Auburn Castings Auburn, Alabama 2/12/2008 Foundry & CNC Machining
Brainerd Industries Dayton, Ohio 2/14/2008 Stamping & Fabricating
Rexam Streetsboro, Ohio 2/19/2008 Plastic Molding
M&J Industries  Lucasville, Ohio 2/28/2008 Stamping & Fabricating
H.L. Fisher Mfg. Des Plaines, Illinois 3/5/2008 Stamping & Fabricating
American Trade Bindery Baltimore, Maryland 4/1/2008 Printing & Bindery
Warren County  Lebanon, Ohio 4/4/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
South Park Tool & Die Richmond, Kentucky 4/8/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
P&D Marble & Granite Batavia, Ohio 4/10/2008 Marble Fabricating
Colonial Stair & Woodwork South Charleston, Ohio 4/15/2008 Woodworking
Colonial Stair & Woodwork Jeffersonville, Ohio 4/15/2008 Woodworking
B&C Industries  Barberton, Ohio 4/16/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Courtesy Mfg. Elk Grove Village, Illinois 4/23/2008 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Buecker Machine Newport, Kentucky 4/29/2008 Structural Fabricating
Morgan Marshall Chicago, Illinois 5/8/2008 Rollforming & Stamping
F.E. Schumacher  Hartville, Ohio 5/15/2008 Woodworking
Arcelor Mittal Weirton Weirton, West Virginia 5/29/2008 Machining & Fabricating
Woodward Controls Niles, Illinois 6/4/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Victor Plastics Flora, Mississippi 6/17/2008 Plastic Molding
ATS Light Alloy Wheels Warsaw, Kentucky 6/18/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Absolute Screen Printing Columbus, Ohio 6/26/2008 Screen Printing
Nuform Rolling Corp. Lewisburg, Tennessee 7/9/2008 Rollforming & Stamping
Sharon Screw Products  Rockford, Illinois 7/15/2008 Automatic Machining
RL Custom Machining Hamilton, Ohio  7/22/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Southco Lester, Pennsylvania 7/30/2008 Automatic Machining
A.L. Fredrick Co. Evansville, Indiana 8/19/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Milrose Industries Cleveland, Ohio 8/26/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Sowers Dia-Met  North Royalton, Ohio 8/26/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Tube Fabricating Co. Byron, Illinois 9/4/2008 Stamping & Fabricating
Infra-Structures Long Island, New York 9/10/2008 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Cold Heading & Machining  Hudson, Michigan 9/25/2008 Cold Heading
Frank Irish Company Indianapolis, Indiana 10/1/2008 Construction & Trucks
Auburn Engineering Detroit, Michigan 10/2/2008 CNC Machining & Plastics
Austin Continental  Chicago, Illinois 10/7/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Truck Fleet Reduction Chicago, Illinois 10/8/2008 Construction & Trucks
Plate Fabrication Co. New Braunfels, Texas 10/14/2008 Fabricating & Welding
Dallas Woodworking Co. Dallas, Texas 10/15/2008 Woodworking
Brocar Products Cincinnati, Ohio 10/16/2008 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Wright Industries Etna, Pennsylvania 10/21/2008 Construction & Trucks
Remeier Lumber Cincinnati, Ohio 10/23/2008 Wood Truss Mfg.
R.A.S. Manufacturing  Youngstown, Ohio 10/28/2008 Heavy Fabricating & Machining
Astro Manufacturing Eastlake, Ohio 11/6/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Neptune Contracting Chicago, Illinois 11/7/2008 Construction & Trucks
Lakewood Eng. & Mfg. Co. Chicago, Illinois 11/19/2008 Stamping & Plastic Molding
Trane Company Lexington, Kentucky 11/25/2008 Sheet Metal Fabricating
Victor Plastics  Victor, Iowa 12/2/2008 Plastic Molding
GH Metalworks Solon, Ohio 12/4/2008 Fabricating & Welding
Plastek Group Erie, Pennsylvania 12/9/2008 CNC Machining & Toolroom
DieVerse Industries Valley View, Ohio 12/10/2008 CNC Machining & Stamping
Progressive Machine Lancaster, Kentucky 12/16/2008 Fabricating & Machining


Auction Name Location Date  Type of Equipment
Leggett and Platt Sweet Springs, Missouri 1/11/2007 Matress Manufacturer
Max & Sons Cincinnati, Ohio 1/16/2007 Fabricating & Welding
New Century Plastics Yellow Springs, Ohio 2/15/2007 Plastic Molding
Oasis Sunroc Corp Columbus, Ohio 2/20/2007 Stamping & Fabricating
Reeder & Kline Machine Carmel, Indiana 2/28/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
HK Systems Bountiful, Utah 3/2/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Industrial Real Estate Cleveland, Ohio 3/2/2007 Real Estate
Irwin Industrial Tool DeWitt, Nebraska 3/3/2007 Forging & Stamping
Madison Plastics Madison, Indiana 3/15/2007 Plastic Molding
Royal American Company Stanley, North Carolina 3/22/2007 Plastic Extrusion
Adapto Indiana South Bend, Indiana 3/29/2007 CNC & Automatic Machining
Standard Truck Center Chicago, Illinois 4/4/2007 Construction & Trucks
FMC Technologies Homer City, Pennsylvania 4/17/2007 Fabricating & Welding
Dayton Hardwood Floors Spring Valley, Ohio 4/24/2007 Woodworking
Reum Corporation Waukegan, Illinois 4/26/2007 Plastic Molding
Carpet One Springfield Springfield, Ohio 5/1/2007 Flooring Distributor
JGK Pipeline Services Lexington, Kentucky 5/3/2007 Construction & Trucks
ECK Cartage  Cleveland, Ohio 5/9/2007 Construction & Trucks
Erisco Industries Erie, Pennsylvania 5/10/2007 Wire Fabricating & Stamping
Stapleton Metals Clarksville, Arkansas 5/16/2007 Die Cast
Tool Dex, Inc. Warren, Michigan 5/22/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
South Bend Plastics Mishawaka, Indiana 5/31/2007 Plastic Molding
Clark Steel Framing Dearborn, Michigan 6/5/2007 Rollforming & Stamping
City Machine  Muncie, Indiana 6/6/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Fame Tool Cincinnati, Ohio 6/7/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Parthenon Metal Works Carrollton, Kentucky 6/8/2007 Rollforming & Stamping
Abbott & Associates Bloomingdale, Illinois 6/12/2007 Fabricating & Welding
Ohio Valley Cartons Cincinnati, Ohio 6/14/2007 Printing & Bindery
Contour Mold & Tool Bensenville, Illinois 6/20/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Newell Window  Freeport, Illinois 6/26/2007 Rollforming & Stamping
Acco Brands Wheeling, Illinois 6/27/2007 Rollforming & Stamping
Owens-Illinois Global Glass Godfrey, Illinois 7/18/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Fiskars Brands, Inc. Spencer, Wisconsin 7/24/2007 Plastic Molding
Fiskars Brands, Inc. Wausau, Wisconsin 7/25/2007 Plastic Molding
Ashley Brooks, Inc. Bethel, Ohio 8/7/2007 Fabricating & Welding
Coach Step Fort Worth, Texas 9/6/2007 Fabricating & Welding
Eskay & Entegra Fastener Wood Dale, Illinois 9/112007 Cold Heading
Rolls Royce Energy  Mount Vernon, Ohio 9/11/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
C&G Machining Cincinnati, Ohio 9/13/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
RB&W Mfg, LLC Kent, Ohio 9/18/2007 Cold Heading
TG 707 Inc. Columbus, Ohio 9/18/2007 Fabricating & Welding
Surwood Forest Products Cincinnati, Ohio 9/20/2007 Woodworking
Worthington Precision Metals Franklin, Tennessee 9/27/2007 CNC & Automatic Machining
Marietta Structures Marietta, Ohio 10/2/2007 Construction & Trucks
Robot Printing Redford, Michigan 10/9/2007 Printing & Bindery
Stelfast Cleveland, Ohio 10/9/2007 Cold Heading
Composix Company Hebron, Ohio 10/10/2007 Plastic Molding
AMF Billiards & Games Bland, Missouri 10/11/2007 Woodworking
Crystal Lite Mfg. Portland, Oregon 10/11/2007 Fabricating & Welding
OER, Inc. Reston, Virginia 10/16/2007 Fabricating & Welding
Acco Brands Mexico 10/25/2007 Stamping & Fabricating
Airfoil Technologies  Mentor, Ohio 12/5/2007 Fabricating & Welding
Lozier Corporation Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 12/6/2007 Stamping & Fabricating
Micro Craft, Inc. Quitman, Georgia 12/11/2007 Plastic Molding
Steris Corporation Erie, Pennsylvania 12/18/2007 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Nibco Inc. Denmark, South Carolina 12/20/2007 Plastic Molding


Auction Name Location Date  Type of Equipment
Taft Contracting Co. Hodgkin, Illinois 1/10/2006 Rigging & Contracting
Toledo Shiprepair Co. Toledo, Ohio 1/10/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Wiremold Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1/13/2006 Wire Fabricating & Stamping
Leggett & Platt Chicago, Illinois 1/19/2006 Wire Fabricating & Stamping
Jergens Tool & Mold Englewood, Ohio 1/25/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Ingersoll Rand Steelcraft Cincinnati, Ohio 1/31/2006 Stamping & Fabricating
ITT Pure-Flo Springfield, Missouri 2/8/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Quality CNC, Inc. Pompano Beach, Florida 2/9/2006 CNC & Automatic Machining
Research & Dev. Group Pompano Beach, Florida 2/9/2006 CNC & Automatic Machining
Screw Machine Industries Greenfield, Indiana 2/14/2006 CNC & Automatic Machining
Real Fab Industries West Harrison, Indiana 2/23/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Clark Steel Framing Birmingham, Alabama 3/8/2006 Rollforming & Stamping
Leggett & Platt Red Lion, Pennsylvania 3/14/2006 Woodworking
Leggett & Platt  York, Pennsylvania 3/15/2006 Woodworking
TruColor Graphics, Inc. Dayton, Ohio 3/16/2006 Printing & Bindery
BMG Columbia House Terre Haute, Indiana 3/21/2006 Distribution Center
UBE Automotive  Mason, Ohio  3/23/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Dayton Tool Co. Dayton, Ohio 3/28/2006 Stamping & Toolroom
Precision Industrial Auto. Cincinnati, Ohio 4/6/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Hard Metal Welding Columbus, Ohio 4/11/2006 Fabricating & Welding
MRC Industrial Group Warren, Michigan 4/19/2006 Cold Heading
Leggett & Platt Cedar City, Utah 4/25/2006 Woodworking
Oasis Sunroc Corp Dover, Delaware 4/26/2006 Stamping & Fabricating
CTS Machining Corp. Madison Heights, Michigan 5/2/2006 CNC & Automatic Machining
Kurt Manufacturing Jordan, Minnesota 5/3/2006 Stamping & Fabricating
McQuay International Verona, Virginia 5/9/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
CF Gomma USA Jacksonville, Florida 5/16/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Di-Acro Inc. Canton, Ohio  5/24/2006 Fabricating & Welding
ITT Industries Hopedale, Massachusetts 6/8/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Neilsen Mfg. Salem, Oregon 6/20/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Marysville Injection Molder Marysville, Ohio  6/22/2006 Plastic Molding
Metal Parts & Tool  Jacksboro, Tennessee 6/27/2006 Stamping & Toolroom
Clark Building Products Clark, Pennsylvania 6/29/2006 Rollforming & Stamping
Specialty Sheet Metal Dayton, Ohio 7/11/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Ameriform Manufacturing Milton, Kentucky 7/13/2006 Rollforming & Stamping
Mitchel & Scott Machine Indianapolis, Indiana 7/18/2006 CNC & Automatic Machining
Tennessee Screw Machine McMinnville, Tennessee 7/19/2006 CNC & Automatic Machining
Hamilton Kettles, Inc. Weirton, West Virginia 8/3/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Dash Engineering, Inc. Fairborn, Ohio  8/8/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Metal Fabrication Co. Ladson, South Carolina 8/29/2006 Fabricating & Welding
AmerisourceBergen Corp. Pine Brook, New Jersey 9/7/2006 Distribution Center
Engineered Plastic Products Lima, Ohio 9/12/2006 Plastic Molding
Engineered Plastic Products Ypsilanti, Michigan 9/13/2006 Plastic Molding
Engineered Plastic Products Owosso, Michigan 9/14/2006 Plastic Molding
All Metal Manufacturing  Bridgeview, Illinois 9/21/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Goody Products, Inc. Manchester, Georgia 9/27/2006 Plastic Molding
Hiatt Metal Products, Inc. Muncie, Indiana 9/28/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Dynacast Inc. Spartanburg, South Carolina 10/3/2006 Die Cast
Phoenix Gold Intl., Inc. Portland, Oregon 10/25/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Moldex Tool & Design  Meadville, Pennsylvania 10/31/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Stewart Mechanical Ent. Louisville, Kentucky 11/7/2006 Rollforming & Stamping
Hayes Lemmerz  Ferndale, Michigan  11/9/2006 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Roger Williams Mint Attleboro, Massachusetts 11/15/2006 Stamping & Toolroom
Water Pik, Inc. Loveland, Colorado 11/29/2006 Plastic Molding
ITT Pure-Flo Kenosha, Wisconsin 12/5/2006 Fabricating & Welding
Design Automotive Group Lincolnshire, Illinois  12/6/2006 Construction & Trucks
Leggett & Platt Plano, Texas 12/19/2006 Fabricating & Welding


Auction Name Location Date  Type of Equipment
Fujitsu Communications Swedesboro, New Jersey 1/11/2005 Distribution Center
Almar Molded Products Nashville, Tennessee 1/18/2005 Plastic Molding
Viatec, Inc. Charlevoix, Michigan 1/19/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Viatec, Inc. Hastings, Michigan 1/20/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Spec Steels Monroe, Ohio  1/25/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Behringer Metal Works Newark, New Jersey 2/8/2005 Fabricating & Welding
A-F Ind. & Senco Products Cincinnati, Ohio 2/10/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Royce Plastics Inc. Elwood, Indiana 2/17/2005 Plastic Molding
Delta International Tupelo, Mississippi 2/23/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Parker Erwin Inc. Spartanburg, South Carolina 3/3/2005 Fabricating & Welding
InnoTech Industries Elyria, Ohio  3/10/2005 Compression Molding
Folger-Adam Security Lemont, Illinois 3/16/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Delta Electric Intl. Louisville, Kentucky 3/17/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Molding Technologies Hebron, Ohio 3/18/2005 Compression Molding
Strong's Machinery Co. Barbourville, Kentucky 3/22/2005 CNC & Automatic Machining
TRW Automotive Danville, Pennsylvania 3/31/2005 CNC & Automatic Machining
Redan Machine Co. Andover, Ohio  4/5/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Guttermaker, Inc. Erie, Michigan 4/12/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
AmerisourceBergen  Columbus, Ohio 4/13/2005 Distribution Center
Tri-Link Technologies Pine Bluff, Arkansas 4/19/2005 Woodworking
Advance Plastics Corp. Schoolcraft, Michigan 4/27/2005 Plastic Molding
UPI of Alabama Dothan, Alabama 5/3/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Northwest Mfg. Corp. Corry Pennsylvania 5/10/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Blue Grass Mfg. Co. Lexington, Kentucky 5/17/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Wiremold Williamstown, West Virginia 5/24/2005 Wire Fabricating & Stamping
Leggett & Platt (Edron) Medley, Florida 6/2/2005 Woodworking
Transfab Inc. Huntington, West Virginia 6/7/2005 Fabricating & Welding
AmerisourceBergen  Carrollton, Texas 6/15/2005 Distribution Center
Benchmark Precision Fab. Spencerville, Ohio  6/21/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Struthers Industries, Inc. Gulfport, Mississippi 6/21/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Irby Steel  Gulfport, Mississippi 6/22/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Xtal Technologies LTD  Lynchburg, Virginia 6/28/2005 Circuit Board
Demaco Food Equipment Melbourne, Florida 7/12/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Strydel Inc. Stryker, Ohio  7/14/2005 Plastic Molding
Graphic Arts Production Cincinnati, Ohio 7/19/2005 Printing & Bindery
S&H Precision Mfg. Co. Newmarket, New Hampshire 7/21/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Edge Graphics Inc. Milford, Ohio 7/28/2005 Printing & Bindery
Clark Steel Framing Dayton, Ohio 8/2/2005 Rollforming & Stamping
FDL Inc. Alexandria, Indiana 8/16/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Creative Machine Works Botkins, Ohio  8/17/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Tri-Versal Mold South Bend, Indiana 8/25/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
North American Precast Stow, Ohio 8/31/2005 Construction & Trucks
Integrity Plastics Lewistown, Ohio 9/8/2005 Plastic Molding
Ashland Precision Prod. Ashland, Wisconsin 9/13/2005 CNC & Automatic Machining
Frick Gallager Wellston, Ohio  9/15/2005 Rollforming & Stamping
AmerisourceBergen Lombard, Illinois 9/20/2005 Distribution Center
Daykin Electric Livonia, Michigan  9/21/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Myco Plastics Co. Newton Falls, Ohio 9/29/2005 Plastic Molding
Dwyer Kitchens Michigan City, Indiana 10/4/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Irwin Industrial Tools Wilmington, Ohio 10/11/2005 Cold Heading
Thermo Electron Winchester, Virginia 10/13/2005 Fabricating & Welding
McLaughlin Company Petoskey, Michigan  10/20/2005 Cold Heading
Miami Cement Prod. Seven Mile, Ohio  10/25/2005 Construction & Trucks
Fab Spec Cleveland, Ohio 10/27/2005 Fabricating & Welding
Evenflo Company, Inc. Suring, Wisconsin 11/3/2005 Woodworking
Southern Hills Career Center Georgetown, Ohio 11/9/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
JRG Landscaping Milford, Ohio 11/18/2005 Construction & Trucks
SKD Automotive North Adams, Michigan 12/7/2005 CNC Machining & Toolroom
Reitz Tool & Die, Inc. Walbridge, Ohio  12/13/2005 Stamping & Fabricating
Foodservice Equip. Eng. Monroe, North Carolina 12/15/2005 Fabricating & Welding
AmerisourceBergen Kansas City, Missouri 12/20/2005 Distribution Center

For a list of auctions that we conducted prior to 2005 please call.

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