Surplus to the Needs of Faultless Healthcare Linen

Liquidaton / Negotiated Sale

Available Immediately -


St. Louis, MO


By Appointment Only with J.P Equipment, Inc. at 800-925-3236


Multi-Million Liquidation Sale of Late Model Laundry Equipment From Healthcare Linen Facility Most Equipment Purchased New 2012 Including Milnor Tunnel System, Washer, Press, Dryers, Lint Vacuums, Soil Sort, Folders and Support Equipment


Milnor Tunnel System

  • 250 Lb. X 8-Module Milnor Model 92048C2f Steamless Tunnel Washer (2012)

  • Milnor Model MP1A50CL Hydraulic Cake Press (2012)

  • Milnor Model COLFR111 Cake Elevator Conveyor with Cake Breaker and Loading Conveyor

  • (9) Milnor Model 6464TG1R Gas Fired Batch Dryers (2012)

  • (5) 48" Wide Milnor Dryvac2 Lint Vacuums (2012)

  • Milnor Model DSPCCNTR Dryer Control System (2012)

Soil Sort System

  • E-Tech Soil Sorting System Including; (2) Cart Dump Stations, (2) Incline Conveyors, (39) Sorting Stations, with E-Tech Rail, Touch Screen (2012)

  • 1000' + Approx. of E-Tech Rail Overhead Monorail Laundry Sorting and Conveying System


  • (4) Chicago Dryer Co. Model Air Chicago CT Small Piece Folders (2012)

  • (2) Chicago Model Skyline S-Mini Folders (2012)

  • (3) Braun Model SPFRD and SPGRDM Folders

Batch Washers, Dryers, Lint Scrubbers and Steam Equipment

  • 110 Lb. Ramco Model SWE-110 Batch Washer

  • Milnor 310 Gas Fired Tilting Batch Dryer

  • Milnor MLG-96 Gas Fired Batch Dryer

  • 175 Lb. Milnor Gas Fired Batch Dryer

  • 70 Lb. Unimac Gas Dryer

  • (8) Automation Dynamics Lint Scrubbers

  • Leonard Model IS196GH Pass Thru Steamer (2012)

  • Unipress Double Buck Lab Coat Press

  • Unipress Label Press

  • Unipress Sleeve Press

Water Conditioning System

  • Kemco Three-Tank Water Conditioning System, Touch Screen Control, Super Hot Water Tank with New Burrers, Hot Water Tank, Storage Tank, 4-Pump System, 2-Pump System, Heat Exchanger (2012)

  • Kemco Steamless Heating System (2012)

  • 35 HP Columbia Model CT Boiler (2011) 

  • Water Softening System with Tanks 

Air Compressors, Generators and Conveyors

  • 50 HP Ingersoll Rand Model SSR-EP50Se Air Compressor

  • Kaeser Model TF171E Air Dryers

  • 125 KVA Generac Model 97A01194-8 Natural Gas Generator

  • Automation Dynamics Model 6000 Tunnel Cart Washer

Liquation Sale Being Conducted by J.P Equipment, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana
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