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Turn-Key Offering of Complete Liquisort / VDL Magnetic Density Separation Technology ("MDS") Recycling Facility New 2015


  • (2) VDL/Liquisort S-Type Magnetic Density Separation Lines

  • VDL/Liquisort Metal Recovery Shaker Separation Line

  • VDL/Liquisort Metal Recovery Washer Separation Line

  • VDL/Liquisort Metal Recovery Eddy Current Ec-Iii Separation Line

  • VDL/Liquisort L-Type Metal Recovery Magnetic Density Separation Line 

This equipment was designed, engineered, built, and installed by Liquisort recycling. This system uses Bakker Magnetic's Liquisort patented magnetic density separation technology ("MDS") which uses rare earth magnets strategically positioned under a magnetic fluid.

This system allows the processing of a variety of inputs and separate metals based on atomic density. Feedstock such as zorba (a mixture of shredded non-ferrous scrap metals primarily consisting of aluminum buy also containing copper, lead, brass, zinc, tin, nickel and copper in any of their forms), metal from incinerator bottom ash, and e-scrap can be sorted into clean aluminum, zinc, copper rich and heavy metal fractions. 

Liquisort sorting method makes it possible to sort metal mixes into clean, separated fractions.

The MDS technology provides a high degree or purity, resulting in the maximum benefit of the particular separated material flows, Because the separation technology uses just a single property of the material, namely its density, and does not depend on the size or shape of the particles it is possible to achieve an extremely clean separation. 



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