50mm Sakamura Long Stroke Parts Former

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50mm Sakamura Model BP-290SSL Long Stroke Parts Former


50mm Sakamura Model BP-290SSL Long Stroke Parts Former

  • Stock #12685

  • Year: 1996

  • Forging Stations: Five (Does Not Include Cutting / Pressure Process)

  • Open Upset Diameter: 80mm (Tensile Strength = Less Than 65kg/mm2

  • Bolt Shank: 50mm - 345mm (390mm When Using Materal w/ Black Skin)

  • Transfer Length: 450mm

  • PFA (Blank Length): 20mm - 85mm

  • Forging Pressure: 1,000,000kgf (#3, #4 each 650,000kgf)

  • Max Cutoff: 50mm (Tensile Stregth = Less Than 50kg/mm2)

  • Cutoff Length: 50mm - 450mm

  • Knife Dimensions: 140mm x 5mmL

  • Quill Dimensions: 135mm x 160mmL

  • Punch Dimensions: 160mm x 365mmL (w/ Carburized Bushing) (Pin Lock Type)

  • Die Dimensions: 230mm x 550mmL (Pin Lock Type)

  • Die Inner Diameter: 252mm

  • PKO Amount: 140mm

  • KO Amount: 480mm* (Spacer: if 50mmL, 150 - 480mm, if 150mmL, 50-380mm)

  • Production Rate: 40 Pcs. / Minute (Fixed by Pulley)

  • Main Motor Capacity: 250Kw (6p, 480v, Totally Enclosed Fan)

  • Ram Stroke: 600mm

  • Machine Weight: 240,000Kg

  • Electric (Main Motor): 350Kva<480v>

  • Air Capacity: 6.0L/jog

  • Air Pressure: Over 4.5Kg/cm2

  • Lubricant Capacity: 800L

  • Coolant Capacity: 900L

  • Equipped w/: Sakamura Model MWR-120 Wire Straightener w/ Coil Drum

  • Equipment Weight: 10,000Kg

  • Compatible Wire Diameter: 30mm - 50mm

  • Coil Inner Diameter: 970mm - 1200mm

  • Coil Outer Diameter: 1500mm (Max)

  • Loading Weight: 3000Kg

  • Main Drum Length: 2300mm

  • Feed Speed: 6m/min

  • Main Motor Capacity: 1.5Kw (4p)

  • Straightener Roll Adjustment: Hydraulic & Thread Adjustment

  • Wire Cutting Method: Hydraulic Cutter (w/ Pole)

  • Material Stopper: Vertical & Horizontal Stoppers (Items to Check: Horizontal Stopper Strength/Weight)

  • Pinch Roll Fixing Method: Presently needs Countermeasures (Fixer Bolt Comes Loose)

Price: $3,000,000.00 + 15% Buyers Premium

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