Surplus to Continuing Operations of Cold Heading Company



Cleveland, OH


Day Prior From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Exceptional Offering 300,000 Sq. Ft. Fastener Manufacturing Plant Including (25) Thread Rollers, Bolt Maker, Secondary Straightening, Assembly, Packaging and Inspection Lines, Heat Treat Furnaces, Washers, Toolroom, Inspection and Support Equipment


The Surplus Equipment of Cold Heading Company Industrial Auction Featured: ½” National S3 Long Stroke 4-Die Bolt Maker, (3) Saspi w/ Washer Assembly Models GV6-50, GV5-40 and GV4-401, Waterbury No. 60 Pick and Place Chain Feed, (2) Hartford 40-140’s (1) w/ Washer Assembly, Nedschroef W-405 w/ Vib Bowl and Loader, (6) National Formax Models FXTG, FXTF, FXTE, FXPTFS, Chunzu CPR-20S (Special) Long Bolt, Saspi Size 20 REGV-3CH-20 Stud Roller, Tanisaka 20-225 and Hartford 10-300 w/ Washer Assembly, Benex CMS48 Bolt and Shaft Straightener, ¾” Reed 400-AS Planetary Die Bolt Straightener, (2) Prutton 200SV and Reed 150 Thread Rollers, Waterbury Farrel 60 Heavy Frame, (3) Waterbury Farrel 30 and 20 Heavy Frame, (8) Wire Drawers and Uncoilers, (12) Vision Inspection and Packaging Lines, (30+) Loaders by Warren and Others to 18” and 12’ High, Vib Bowls, Dump Stands, Conveyors and Related, (4) Acme Chuckers, Auto Drilling Line, Butt Welders, (3) 48” to 60” Atmosphere Furnace Co. Belt Type Auto Heat Treat Lines (1990’s), 40” Dia. X 20’ Long Ransohoff 4-Stage Rotary Drum Parts Washer, (2) Wheelabrator Rubber Belt Tumblast Machines, Plastic Tote and Steel Tub Washers, (1,000) Corrugated Steel Tubs, (3) 200 HP Sullair Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Toolroom and Maintenance Machinery and Equipment, Fork Lifts, Jib Cranes, Hoppers, Pallet Racks, Stretch Wrappers, Lab and Inspection Equipment.  The Auction was Attended by 227 Bidders from 26 States, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico & Peru.  The Bidding was Spirited, and all Concerned were Happy with the Sales Results.

Auction Highlights

Lot # 296

Saspi Model GV-4-40-1E Thread Roller


Lot # 399

Ransohoff Four-Stage Rotary Drum Parts Washer


Lot # 412

Hartford Model 40-140 Thread Roller


Lot # 419

Saspi Model GV5-40-S3D Thread Roller


Lot # 423

Hartford Model 40-140 Auto Thread Roller


Lot # 442

Waterbury No. 60 Pick and Place Automatic Thread Roller


Lot # 443

Saspi Model GV6-50 Automatic Thread Roller


Lot # 461

Benex Model CSM48 Bolt and Shaft Straightener


Lot # 470

¾” Reed Model 400-AS Planetary Die Bolt Straightener


Lot # 519

½” National Four-Die Long Stroke Progressive Cold Former


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