Commercial Storage Facility

Bidding Ends 1/11/2019


Grand Rapids, MI


Day Prior From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Online Only Auction of Surplus Equipment from a Commercial Storage Facility Including Electric Lift Trucks, Reach Trucks, Order Picker, Electric Pallet Trucks, Scissor Lifts & Sweeper


The Commercial Storage Facility Industrial Auction Featured: 6,000 LB. Caterpillar Model 2E030 Electric Lift Truck, 6,000 LB. Allis-Chalmers Model ACE-60A Electric Lift Truck, 5,000 LB. Caterpillar Model EC-25K Electric Lift Truck, 3,000 LB. Clark Model TM15S Electric 3-Wheel Lift Truck, 4,000 LB. Dockstocker Model DSS-400-HP Electric Stand Up Lift Truck, 3,500 LB. Crown Model RR35320-35 Electric Reach Truck, 3,500 LB. Crown Model 35RRTT Electric Reach Truck, (4) 3,000 LB. Raymond Electric Reach Trucks, 3,000 LB. Kalman AC Electric Order Picker, (2) 6,000 LB. Yale Model MPC060 Electric Mid Rider Pallet Trucks, (2) 6,000 LB. Raymond Model 112TM Electric Pallet Trucks, 6,000 LB. Crown Model PE3520-60 Electric Pallet Truck, (2) 4,000 LB. Yale & Clark Electric Pallet Trucks, 3,000 LB. Dayton Model 11K281 Electric / Manual High Lift Pallet Truck, 1,760 LB. Pramac Electric High Lift Pallet Truck, Skyjack Model 4626 Electric Scissor Lift, Marklift Electric Scissor Lift, Tennant Model 6550 Electric Sit Down Floor Sweeper.  The Auction was Attended by 40 Bidders from 8 States, Canada, Peru & Uruguay.  The Bidding was Spirited, and all Concerned were Happy with the Sales Results.


Auction Highlights

Lot # 8

6,000 Lb. Raymond Model 112TM Electric Pallet Truck


Lot # 9

6,000 Lb. Raymond Model 112TM Electric Pallet Truck


Lot # 15

3,000 Lb. Raymond Model EZ-DR-30-TT Electric Reach Truck


Lot # 17

3,500 Lb. Raymond Model EASI-R35TT Electric Reach Truck


Lot # 22

Tennant Model 6550 Electric Sit-Down Type Floor Sweeper


Lot # 23

3,000 Lb. Clark Model TM15S Electric 3-Wheel Type Lift Truck


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